If you’re a bit nervous about wearing wide-legged trousers, it’s time to branch out and be brave. That’s because wide-leg pants are going to continue to be an ongoing staple through 2024 on beyond.

Effortlessly Flattering:

If super-slim, skinny trousers or leggings are still your go-to, rest assured that not only are wide-leg pants relaxed and comfortable, they are flattering on everyone. One thing I particularly love about them is they are ageless. They’re the type of fashion trend that was made for women of any age. It’s one of the chicest ways to look stylish and put together, while still feeling comfortable. Additionally wide leg pants can be way more forgiving than skinny pants or other form-fitting trousers

Trousers to Suit Your Unique Silhouette

Whether you’re tall, petite, curvy, boyish—whatever your body type, they can work for you. The fitted waist and immediate flare, are great at enhancing your waistline and bum, meanwhile, giving your legs some elongation. For those who worry about their lower half, wide-leg trousers create a more balanced look over hips or thighs. That volume also makes them a good choice for those who feel their upper body needs more balance – (like wider shoulders or a larger bust).

Mastering the Art of Fabric Drape

If you don’t have the longest legs in the world, it’s best to pay attention to the drape of the fabric with your wide leg trousers. Too much fabric and you may feel overwhelmed by them. So, make sure they are fitted at the top and not too voluminous. If the fabric hangs and drapes well, then they look great! Better to also go full length on the trouser rather than the crop/ankle length version.

Comfort & Style

I find with my clients’ – and myself to be honest- once I ditched to fitted jean and pant, I could never go back! They really are so comfortable, and infinitely more stylish. The old adage of flowing on the bottom suits a bit more structure on top is a good one to remember. Think a fitted denim jacket or blazer, giving you some great side shape. If adding volume on top, a sheer blouse semi-tucked also looks super nice.

Moochi Frame Pant $329.99

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Storm Taupe Tab Detail Wide Leg Pant $249.90

Shoes to Match

What shoes to wear with your wide leg trousers? Mostly anything goes. Ballet flats to sneakers, wedges to heels, brogues to sandals. Pretty much most shoes look good so don’t let this be the barrier that puts you off – as it does a lot of people!

I do believe there really IS a wide leg trousers to suit you at Milford Shopping Centre. All the fashion stores have them, in a range of fabrics, volume and length. Find the one for you and step out in comfortable, style, and the latest fashion – the trifecta!

Ecco Womens Metropole Zurich $399.99

Ecco Womens Street Platform Sneaker $329.99

Mischief Shoes Wooden Ronja Sneaker $209.90

Merchant 1948 Ethel Leather Boot

Mi Piaci Bambi Ballet Flat $240.00

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