Discover the art of styling white clothing this summer with insights from the esteemed fashion guru, Trudi Bennett. Embrace the trend that’s lighting up the season and elevate your wardrobe with her expert tips and tricks.

Cool Elegance: Conquering The Heat

With the summer heat upon us, it’s almost a blessing that white, the world’s most beloved neutral, is dominating 2024’s fashion palette. Embraced by everyday folk and celebrities alike – including many red-carpet attendees – white-on-white is having a resurgence with both men and women. From flowing dresses to structured suits, white clearly has a very versatile appeal.

This colour, or non-colour if you like, has a strong and varied history. In 1840 Queen Victoria was the first person to wear white to her wedding to Prince Albert, and that began the white wedding dress tradition.

White parties are commonplace nowadays around the world. During the 80’s in Paris, a Frenchman helped push the parties into the modern era. He hosted a Dinner en Blanc and requested that all attendees wear white. The concept took flight. Nowadays it’s still popular, with the underlying theme that an all-white dress code makes everyone equal.

Simple Styling

There is no denying there’s a simple elegance to an all-white ensemble. Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls certainly feels that way. Many years ago, she adopted wearing entirely white and cream as her signature style. “Everything becomes simple,” she said of her colour choice. “I like the colour, and I don’t have to think in the mornings. She adds “I don’t know about you, but as you get older, you want to keep it simple.”

Cool or Warm Tone White?

Let’s talk how to wear it, and its pro’s a con’s. There is definitely a white fabric shade for every skin tone. Those that suit a cool palette should stick to the clear, bright, true whites that are a great contrast on your skin. If you have a warm undertone (like me!) look for off-white and creams, they are softer and more suited to us.

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Pro’s – Timeless & Versatile

The pros are it IS such a versatile colour. It gives a clean, elegant look, that keeps you cool in summer, and boy, do we need that at the moment! Add to that, that it’s renowned for being ageless and timeless.

Con’s: Spills & See-Through Woes

The cons are that yes spillers, I’m looking at you (again me!). You need to be careful of what you eat and drink, where you sit, what you brush against.

The last issue wearing white can have is you can often see underwear through white pieces of clothing, so make sure you pick up a nude or white set from Bras N Things.

All in all, though, with so many beautiful pieces at the stores in Milford Shopping Centre, it’s up to you whether you embrace the full all-white trend, or add some items as a go-to neutral blended with other colours. Either way, you can’t go wrong with adding some wonderful white pieces to your wardrobe during this sizzling summer.

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More about Trudi Bennett.

Trudi’s love affair with all things stylish ignited after living in London for six years. Upon her return to Wellington – and a couple of children later – Trudi gave her lucky friends’ a ‘wardrobe revamp’. These transformations led to many people contacting her for impeccable fashion advice. Previously a journalist in both London and NZ, she began the journey of researching and creating Wardrobe Flair in 2005.

Since then Trudi has styled numerous individuals, and has worked with new and existing corporate companies, presenting fashion segments on TV and being a Fashion Blogger for shopping centres and radio stations.

Trudi follows an instinctual, logical and practical approach to finding colours, shapes and styles that suit everyone’s unique needs. She is completely passionate about building people’s confidence. She thrives in showing individuals their strengths in dressing and most importantly, making it easy in this busy day and age.

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