Check out Trudi Bennett’s expert guidance on refreshing your wardrobe and revitalizing your image for spring! Trudi is a well-respected stylist and the owner of Wardrobe Flair, who has extensive knowledge through years of experience in the industry

Spring is in the air and Christmas will be upon us faster than you can say ‘ho ho ho’. A change of season is the perfect time to blow away the cobwebs from your wardrobe and think about making a fresh start. This doesn’t mean throwing everything out. It can simply mean evaluating what you have, recognising the gaps and planning what needs to be slotted in to create a fun, easy and stress-free wardrobe.

Wardrobe “Fillers”

When you take good look at your wardrobe, you need to be prepared to get rid of what I call ‘the fillers’. These are items of clothing that hang around, never being worn, sometimes being tried on again and again, but always discarded and hung back up again. This is what makes you say, “I have all these clothes and NOTHING to wear”.

If you don’t fit a piece of clothing, dislike the way it looks on you, or feel ‘yuck’ and don’t know why, it needs to go. It’s common to not know why you don’t like wearing certain pieces of clothing.

It could be it’s the wrong shape for your body or the colour washes you out. Maybe it feels a little tight, or too short? Whatever the mental block is, that piece of clothing will stay in the wardrobe filling it out and make getting dressed confusing.

Stress-Free Sorting

I always suggest getting EVERYTHING out and on the bed. This forces you to spring clean your wardrobe properly and really assess what you have.

Now make three piles:

1. What definitely has to go.

2. Should be replaced.

3. Things you love.

Once the fillers are gone, your wardrobe will be a lot clearer.

Next, think about what clothes you need for the different aspects of your lifestyle? Everyone seems to have very casual clothes or exercise gear, or dedicated work clothes. However, it’s surprising how many people – men and women – lack casual dressy clothes. Casual dressy clothes are worn after work, in the weekend, out to dinner, or seeing friends and family. They should be comfortable and stylish, making you feel confident and happy about how you look.

Moochi lift shacket $289.99

Storm Black and White Print Midi Skirt $289.00

Moochi Taken Dress $299.99

Mischief Shoes Bresley Academic Heel $179.90

Storm Crop Trench $389.00

Mischief Shoes Bresley Sam Heel $169.90

Make it simple – Make a list

Once you’ve cleared your wardrobe, it’s time to write a list of clothes you need to fill the gaps you’ve identified. You do this for your groceries, so why not for your clothes? A list makes it clear what you need and encourages shopping to be more of a practical exercise. This stops disheartened wandering round the shops and either leaving with nothing or panic buying.

Part of this process also involves accepting and embracing your size, shape, and age, right now. Think about colours and styles that suit you, and pieces that will mix and match well with your existing clothes.

Coco & Belle Tie Back Check Dress $139.90

Repertoire Gatsby Shirt $369.90

Max Brooklyn Two Tone Jean $149.99

Max The Frill Detail $129.99

Coco & Belle Maria Dress $139.90

Mi Piaci Caren Sandal $260

Ella + Eli Chess Top $199.00

Moochi Lift Shacket $289.99

Sportscraft Tonia V Neck Linen Tee $89.99

Sportscraft Sorrento Broderie Blouse $199.99

Sportscraft Allegra Linen Top $159.99

Storm Intarsia Knit Vest $249.00

Storm Liquid Satun Midi Skirt $289.00

Moochi Elite Vest $279.99

Moochi Global Skirt $279.99

Flo & Frankie Among The Brave Dress $189.90

Mischief Shoes Minx Rizzo White $249.90

Storm Utility Jumpsuit $389.00

Max Linen Jogger $119.99

Flo & Frankie Among The Brave $119.90

Check out the images I’ve chosen as part of this article, which I believe are wonderful additions to a summer wardrobe. Then head into the new season at Milford Shopping Centre with a well thought out list, a spring in your step and a smile on your face, ready for a great shopping experience.

– Trudi Bennett,

Instagram & Facebook @wardrobeflair

More about Trudi Bennett.

Trudi’s love affair with all things stylish ignited after living in London for six years. Upon her return to Wellington – and a couple of children later – Trudi gave her lucky friends’ a ‘wardrobe revamp’. These transformations led to many people contacting her for impeccable fashion advice. Previously a journalist in both London and NZ, she began the journey of researching and creating Wardrobe Flair in 2005.

Since then Trudi has styled numerous individuals, and has worked with new and existing corporate companies, presenting fashion segments on TV and being a Fashion Blogger for shopping centres and radio stations.

Trudi follows an instinctual, logical and practical approach to finding colours, shapes and styles that suit everyone’s unique needs. She is completely passionate about building people’s confidence. She thrives in showing individuals their strengths in dressing and most importantly, making it easy in this busy day and age.

Step into the world of Fashion with Trudi, the fabulous style guru, click the button below to see more on her website below.


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