Trudi Bennett, renowned Personal Fashion Stylist and owner of Wardrobe Flair, gives her take on vibrant trending hues in store! 

Pink and green will definitely be seen this winter, and can be found throughout the stores at Milford Shopping Centre. These two vibrant hues are perfect pop colours to add to neutral outfits to banish those winter blues.

If you’ve ever wondered why certain colours become strong mainstream trends, it usually begins with a story.

So, Let’s Talk Pink.

Flo & Frankie – Leo + Be Stillness top $139.90

It begins with Barbie.

That’s right, once the trailer for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie hit overseas, this colour trend began. The colour’s called ‘Barbie pink’ and the trend itself, is named Barbiecore.

Pink started dominating social media feeds, then began flooding the streets during fashion month in Europe. Case in point, Valentino’s 22/23 collection was entirely pink.

Mischief Shoes – Bite Marks Loafer $239.90

Mischief Shoes – Barrios Heel $199.00

Mischief Shoes – Altona Boot $259.90

As with most things fashion, the filter-down to New Zealand takes time due to our opposite seasons. So, if you are keen to ‘think pink’, now is the time to add it, in big or small amounts. Pink coats and dresses show commitment to taking up the trend, while bags, shoes and other accessories lift otherwise simple pieces.

MAX – Hailey Luxe Whisper Knit Scarf $89.99

IDENTITY – Grace Women's Coat $649.00

IDENTITY – Double X Women's Sweater $269.00

MAX – Lulu Luxe Whisper Roll Neck Sweater $139.99

moochi – Encircle Dress $389.99

Sportscraft – Merino Check Jacquard Skirt $249.99

IDENTITY – Cropped Women's Jacket $250.00

However, if pink is not for you, never fear. There’s a new colour ‘kid’ on the block,

Kelly Green.

The green trend is not new, as over the last few seasons a fresh granny smith apple colour, and a rather lovely bottle green appeared. Some loved the latter, others felt it gave off past school uniform vibes!

Repertoire – Bruno Coat $659.90

Flo & Frankie – Zoe Kratzmann Scheme Dress $349.90

Kelly green is an American term, derived from Kelly being a common Irish last name and reminiscent of the Irish green landscape. The colour was named Kelly green in 1917, when the influx of Irish immigrants who had come to America were celebrating the St. Patrick’s day parade. 

Mischief Shoes – Cara Boot $329.90

Unlike barbie pink, green is a much easier shade to style and there is a green that suits every skin tone. If the brighter Kelly green isn’t for you, then emerald, apple, leaf or khaki greens are also flattering options. It’s more of a smooth blend with neutrals but don’t be afraid to add some contrasting colours too. Think of green like the leaves of a plant that can have a vibrant coloured flower.

Storm – Cable Bay Merino Sweater $289.00

Flow & Frankie – Ivy+Jack Motivation Knit Palm Green $139.90

Flo & Frankie – Among The Brave Show Stopper Green Dress $159.90

If I see you walking through Milford Shopping Centre wearing

green with a pop of pink, prepare to be high-fived!  

– Trudi Bennett,

Instagram & Facebook @wardrobeflair

More about Trudi Bennett.

Trudi’s love affair with all things stylish ignited after living in London for six years. Upon her return to Wellington – and a couple of children later – Trudi gave her lucky friends’ a ‘wardrobe revamp’. These transformations led to many people contacting her for impeccable fashion advice. Previously a journalist in both London and NZ, she began the journey of researching and creating Wardrobe Flair in 2005.

Since then Trudi has styled numerous individuals, and has worked with new and existing corporate companies, presenting fashion segments on TV and being a Fashion Blogger for shopping centres and radio stations.

Trudi follows an instinctual, logical and practical approach to finding colours, shapes and styles that suit everyone’s unique needs. She is completely passionate about building people’s confidence. She thrives in showing individuals their strengths in dressing and most importantly, making it easy in this busy day and age.

Step into the world of Fashion with Trudi, the fabulous style guru, click the button below to see more on her website below.

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