Trudi Bennett, renowned fashion stylist and owner of Wardrobe Flair shares helpful tips on choosing a neclkline style that works best for you.

Ever wondered where dressing for your shape begins?

Quite literally, the answer starts at the top, with your neckline. You’ll be amazed how the right neckline for your body shape makes such a difference to the confidence in both yourself and your outfit.

First Impressions.

When you look in the mirror, or when people meet you, the natural focus is to start at the eyes then travel down the rest of your outfit, tracing the lines of where your clothing ends. So, it starts with the neckline, then where your top ends, carrying down to trousers/skirts/dresses, and finally shoes. All in the space of a measly 3 seconds. First impressions are quick right?

Feeling Confident.

With a neckline you don’t feel 100% confident in, a potentially good outfit just doesn’t seem to work. Maybe you picked the dress or top because the colour or pattern was wonderful? It could be because it was on sale, or you just loved the fabric? Whatever the reasons, if the neckline is off, you’ll instinctually feel something’s not quite right.

Dressing for your shape is about balance.

If you feel you have a larger chest, wide shoulders or a shorter neck, you’re going to suit a lower neckline. That visual bit of decolletage cuts through both the chest and the shoulders and elongates the neck. Dressing for your shape is actually pretty logical. My job as a stylist is to try and give people enough knowledge & confidence to be able to trust their instincts. Most people who don’t suit a higher neckline instinctually clutch at their neck like they are being strangled if they try one on them!

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Flipping it to the higher neckline.

This creates more fullness in the chest, for those of don’t feel particularly busty. It also helps with narrow shoulders, by again adding a little more visual width.

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Experimenting with shapes.

As for the shape of the neckline, that’s completely up to you. This season we are so lucky! There is a great neckline to suit absolutely everyone and variety is always refreshing.

Accessorize to suit.

Round, V-necks, square, cross-over, wrap, sweetheart, cowl and high necklines are all available. If you aren’t used to wearing a lower neckline – starting just above the cleavage – a pretty necklace or scarf will eliminate any feelings of having too much skin on show.

So, next time you head to Milford Shopping Centre to purchase an item, think about whether the shape of the neckline you have chosen feels right to you, based on the balance of your shape. That way you’ll feel 100 percent confident your purchase will be worn and loved, and you’ll feel fantastic, because let’s be honest, that’s what it’s all about right?

– Trudi Bennett,

Instagram & Facebook @wardrobeflair

More about Trudi Bennett.

Trudi’s love affair with all things stylish ignited after living in London for six years. Upon her return to Wellington – and a couple of children later – Trudi gave her lucky friends a ‘wardrobe revamp’. These transformations led to many people contacting her for impeccable fashion advice. Previously a journalist in both London and NZ, she began the journey of researching and creating Wardrobe Flair in 2005.

Since then Trudi has styled numerous individuals, and has worked with new and existing corporate companies, presenting fashion segments on TV and being a Fashion Blogger for shopping centres and radio stations. Trudi follows an instinctual, logical and practical approach to finding colours, shapes and styles that suit everyone’s unique needs. She is completely passionate about building people’s confidence. She thrives in showing individuals their strengths in dressing and most importantly, making it easy in this busy day and age.

Step into the world of Fashion with Trudi, the fabulous style guru, click the button below to see more on her website below.

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