Accessories, whether it’s jewellery, scarves, handbags, shoes or sunglasses are an easy way of staying modern. They can definitely lift an outfit that feels a little underwhelming. Let’s go through a few reasons why and see if I can give you the courage to add some additional pizzazz to your style this season.  


We’ve previously talked about what necklines suit particular body shapes. When you suit a lower neckline, some women feel like there is too much skin on show. A nice medium-sized pendant placed centre stage or multiple layers of fine necklaces – which is a super popular trend at the moment – solves this problem and looks fantastic.

Pops of Colour

This event and summer season, I’m a big fan of two ways of accessorising. Adding pops of colour to an outfit that is heavy on neutrals – grey, cream, white, navy, black or taupe – adds that extra zing. Think bright green shoes or a pink handbag. Or blue earrings, a coloured hat or maybe a multi-coloured silk scarf?

Seed Heritage Silk Print Square Scarf $99.99

Sportscraft Farrah Silk Scarf $109.99

Mischief Shoes Cara Heel $269.90

Blue Illusion Chloe Quilted Handbag $109.99

Blue Illusion Vibrant Floral Scarf $129.99

Blue Illusion Spring Bouquet Silk Scarf $109.99

Moochi Claw Clip Brown $19.99

Mi Piaci Esquire Pink Metalic $260

Blue Illusion Cobalt Resin Hoop Earring $44.99


My other love is for metallics, which are huge this season. If you struggle with coordination when it comes to colours, think of metallics as just another piece of jewellery.

Moochi Kept Belt $139.99

Storm Sunrise Hoops $99.00

Repertoire Lilah Mesh Chain Bag $140.00

Flo & Frankie Pilgrim Wavey Hoops $69.95

Blue Illusion Satin Bee Headband $64.99

Repertoire Lotus Charm Bracelet $60.00

Storm Andie Western Style Belt $149.00

Repertoire Vanessa Crossbody Bag NZD $329.90

Flo and Frankie Stolen Girlfriends Club Baby Claw Moonstone Ring $229.00

Mischief Shoes Academic Heel $179.90

Mischief Shoes Mimi Heel $199.90

Mi Piaci Sachi Sparkle Heel $260.00

Mischief Shoes Biker Heel $189.90

Mischief Shoes Dante Heel $199.90


When thinking about what size accessories best suits you, you can aim to keep things in proportion with your own body and apply the principle of balance OR just wear what you love. Be driven by what feels right for you, as that way you’ll always enjoy and wear it. Don’t be afraid to branch out to try new styles.



Not only will trying new accessories make your outfits feel modern and ‘finished’, by adding this little bit of detail means you’ll no doubt get more compliments. But as I’m also a practical stylist, let’s not forget the importance of some accessories. Super trendy hats with wide brims protect your skin, as are oversized sunglasses on your eyes.

Marlow Bucket Hat $79.00

Flo & Frankie Velodrome Vintage Tort Cat Eye $65.00

Max Bored George Demi Sunglasses $169.99

Storm Kimora Animal Print Bucket Hat $79.00

Repertoire Belle Sunglasses $85.00

Storm Kinetic Sunglasses $119.95

Storm Cult Vision Sunglasses $99.00

Flo and Frankie So Shady Woven Ivory Hat $49.90

Moochi Westerly Hat$129.99

Max Brixton Messer Fedora $119.99

Gingham Reversible Bucket Hat $54.99

Icing On The Cake!

So, this season, once you’ve decided what to wear, do give thought to where accessories can add the ‘icing on the cake’ to a great summer outfit. All the stores at Milford Shopping Centre have something for everyone and if not for yourself, remember accessories make excellent gifts for Christmas!

On that note, I wish you and your family a safe and happy festive season, and see you for more style tips in the new year.

Trudi X

Instagram & Facebook @wardrobeflair

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More about Trudi Bennett.

Trudi’s love affair with all things stylish ignited after living in London for six years. Upon her return to Wellington – and a couple of children later – Trudi gave her lucky friends’ a ‘wardrobe revamp’. These transformations led to many people contacting her for impeccable fashion advice. Previously a journalist in both London and NZ, she began the journey of researching and creating Wardrobe Flair in 2005.

Since then Trudi has styled numerous individuals, and has worked with new and existing corporate companies, presenting fashion segments on TV and being a Fashion Blogger for shopping centres and radio stations.

Trudi follows an instinctual, logical and practical approach to finding colours, shapes and styles that suit everyone’s unique needs. She is completely passionate about building people’s confidence. She thrives in showing individuals their strengths in dressing and most importantly, making it easy in this busy day and age.


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