As winter arrives, many of us instinctively turn to oversized layers, and a palette of black or muted colours as the weather gets darker and colder. From bulky sweaters to dark outerwear, it’s a season marked by the art of hiding in plain sight. We’re missing out on the opportunity to infuse a bit of vibrancy on those chill & dreary days, with warm stylish pieces that incorporate a splash of colour.

Keeping Warm

Firstly, let’s address the common winter habit of opting for bulky knits in the quest for superior warmth. Choosing lightweight wool layers during winter can transform your silhouette. These layers not only keep you warm but also offer flexibility and versatility in styling.

Layering for Comfort

Lightweight Merino pieces allow you to manage your outfit proportions better, accentuating your best features while subtly minimising areas you’re less confident about. Additionally, these layers give you the freedom to adjust your outfit according to fluctuating temperatures throughout the day, helping you stay confident and comfortable all season long.

Image: Storm | Skull & Bird Merino Sweater | $289.00

No Need to Hide

Apart from the common mistake of bulky knits, what other tactics do people employ to “hide” during the winter? Opting for a muted colour palette is another. It’s astonishing how many times I’ve heard someone confess, “My summer wardrobe bursts with colour, but come winter, it’s all black and grey.”

Image: Identity | Coop Check This Out Blue Coat | $429.90

Brighten Up Winter Days

Shouldn’t winter be the perfect time to add colour? I get that some people associate colour with sunny days, but why not brighten up the dreary winter months?

Adding colour not only makes you look better, it gives the impression you’re confident, and cheers up those around you! I always encourage my clients to buy a colourful winter coat, it honestly makes people on the street smile at you.

Flo & Frankie | Harvest Azure Blue Knit Jumper | $159.00

Repertoire | Nicola Crossbody Bag | $329.90

Moochi | Scanner Sweater | $299.99

Flo & Frankie | Mimi Lilac Slouchy Knit Cardigan | $159.90

Seasalt Cornwall | East View Vest Kelp | $139.00

Coco & Belle | Classic Blazer | $169.90

Moochi | Twined Sweater | $349.99

Seasalt Cornwall | Shormer Jumper Serene Sea | $199.00

Seed Heritage | Wool Blend Tie Coat | $549.90

Repertoire | Aspire V-neck Blouse | $339.00

Ella + Eli | Berlin Jacket Yellow Check | $219.00

Mischeif Shoes | Bresley Amari Boot | $259.00

Mischeif Shoes | Eos Jovi Sneaker | $229.00

Identity | On Your Team Top | $299.00

Repertoire | Milano Jacquard Lined Jacket | $579.00

Ella + Eli - Blacklist - Emes Jacket - Green Print - �349 1

Ella + Eli | Emes Jacket Green Print | $349.00

Moochi | Linear Vest Dark Cherry | $279.99

Moochi | Level Sweater Dark Green | $349.99

Colour Analysis is Key

Getting your colours done is also 100% back in fashion. My phone has been ringing red hot with requests for colour analysis sessions. This is being driven by social media platforms like Instagram & TikTok, and a desire for personalised fashion. People are seeking professional advice to find colours that enhance their natural features, co-ordinate within their wardrobe, and help them make more considered purchases. 

So, stay warm, stay colourful, and don’t hide away. Embrace winter fashion, and say no to boring, bulky clothes. Trust me, when the compliments start rolling in, you’ll be glad you did. Contact me if you need help with any winter shopping at Milford Shopping Centre or a Colour Analysis, I’d love to help you embrace colour & style through the winter months.

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