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Personal Styling is available by appointment only.

Gift vouchers are also available.

Contact Trudi to discuss personal styling options: 

M: 021 236 4738



Facebook: @WardrobeFlair

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Introducing Milford Centre’s Personal Stylist

About Trudi from Wardrobe Flair

Hi everyone, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Trudi Bennett and I’m a Personal Stylist. I’ve owned and run my Personal Style Consultancy since 2005, after discovering a huge market of men and women unhappy with their personal and professional style. Have you ever wondered what a Personal Stylist does? In a nutshell, I give practical, down-to-earth advice & tools to help people make wise, logical shopping decisions based on their body, budget and lifestyle.

My job is less about clothes and more about creating confidence. I love using my 15+ years of extensive knowledge and experience to give practical, tactful and problem-solving advice to people who often dislike shopping and find personal styling difficult.

My days involve working with individuals – of every size, shape, age and profession – helping with their personal style and shopping. I also work with corporates running workshops, am a fashion blogger, conference speaker, have experience in TV & radio and now, I’m super excited to be the resident stylist for Milford Shopping Centre.

Now that you know a bit about what I do, what do people say who have used my shopping services at Milford? Maree was new to shopping at the centre and here’s what she said “I simply loved shopping with Trudi at Milford Centre and would recommend her to anyone wanting to refresh their wardrobe/look.  She is personable, respects your budget and whilst she gets you to try things on that you may not usually try; her focus is having you leave feeling a greater version of yourself. I felt like she brought the best out of me by dressing me in clothing that suited my age, shape and skin tone. Add to that the generous stylist discounts some of the retailers offer based on using Trudi and the whole experience is both enjoyable and good value for money”.

Pictured: Anne shopping with Trudi from Wardrobe Flair 

Anne has been shopping with me twice a year at Milford Shopping Centre for many years.  “Our shopping expeditions are just such fun.  We shop for winter and summer season wardrobes and that is all the clothes shopping that I need to do!  It saves me so much time and money – seriously the cost of Trudi’s time is not more than the cost of the garment or two that you buy that is a mistake and never gets worn. We discuss the type of wardrobe that I need for the coming season and I get to go home with an entirely cohesive look that all works together.”

I’d just love to meet you and introduce myself!

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