I Come First

It’s all about her – speaks to autonomy and moves women further away from being an object of desire this Valentine’s Day

More than a euphemism, it’s an empowering and aspirational sentiment – putting yourself first is a positive, healthy behaviour

Putting yourself first can span prioritising comfort, or signalling your sexuality to others, or simply choosing a pop of colour that brings you joy… We have the product verticals to showcase the multiplicity of this

Gives us license to explore narcissism and selfishness as a force for good

First person, powerful alignment to the brand platform and new brand sentiment

Valentine’s Day’s about love.

But sometimes self love,

is as important as giving it away.

So I’m going to spoil myself for no reason at all

Treat myself the way I know I deserve.

This day I’ll celebrate me

Indulge my senses, tastes, and personality

Find me time surrounded by all my many things

In reds, pinks, black and every shade of self-love

Because yes, V-Day’s about love.

But you’ll love others better, when you love yourself first.

I come first.