On September 16th, Seasalt Cornwall marked their grand opening with a day filled with delightful surprises that left shoppers thoroughly entertained! Inside the store, guests were treated to refreshing bubbles, delectable canapes, and fabulous goodie bags. To add a touch of artistic flair to the occasion, there was even a talented caricature artist on hand, crafting captivating masterpieces for our valued customers!

In addition to the fantastic festivities, guests also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Seasalt Cornwall’s signature style and design ethos. The store showcased an exquisite collection of clothing crafted from natural fabrics, each piece reflecting the beauty and charm of the Cornwall landscape. Shoppers were captivated by the way these garments seamlessly blended comfort and style, perfectly capturing the essence of this picturesque coastal region. Whether it was the soothing hues inspired by the azure sea or the intricate patterns reminiscent of Cornwall’s rugged coastline, visitors were treated to an authentic and immersive shopping experience that truly embodied the spirit of Seasalt Cornwall.

Come in-store today or browse their online store and experience the new collections firsthand!


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