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Mindful Milford Monday’s

Facts Worth Celebrating!

Each Monday we will be enlightening you with facts worth celebrating about Milford Centre stores.

These facts may be about particular products, services, or processes that stores at Milford Centre provide, with an aim of doing good for people, the planet, or both!

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~ Flo and Frankie ~

Flo and Frankie are passionate about giving back and believe the power of kindness makes a huge difference in the world!

They created their giving revolution “Flo Gives Back” with a mission to empower and support vulnerable women and children globally. Flo and Frankie have sourced and designed numerous products where 15% of the sale price goes to supporting the vulnerable women in need in Nepal!

You can purchase these special products in their Milford store and share the love with your ‘Flo Gives Back’ products by using #TheFloOnEffect

~ L’Occitane en Provence ~

Reducing waste is at the forefront of L’Occitanes commitments as a company! ⁠

Did you know, when you shop at L’Occitane, you can opt for products made available in eco-refills which use 65-90% less plastic than a regular bottle?! This has already reduced the company’s overall use of plastic by 7% since 2017! So shop mindfully by choosing eco-refills next time you visit L’Occitane Milford.⁠

To extend their goal of reducing waste, by 2025 L’Occitane hope to ensure that 100% of their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and 100% of their stores offer a recycling service!⁠

~ Countdown ~

Did you know Milford Shopping Centre’s Countdown have completely removed cage-laid eggs from their shelves?!

With Animal Welfare being a “key concern for not only their business but also their customers”, Countdown are striving to make changes they know customers will embrace!

That is why Countdown, Milford Shopping Centre has become one out of five stores to only stock free-range and cage-free eggs, with Countdowns goal being for all stores across New Zealand to follow suit by 2025!

~ Max ~

As Kiwi women themselves, the team at Max know that a great pair of jeans is essential in any wardrobe. So with that in mind they wanted to create perfect fitting jeans that would stand the test of time, whilst maintaining their “brand philosophy of producing sustainable pieces”. ⁠

Their entire denim range now consists of performance fabrics and yarns which are 100% natural, regenerated or recycled! ⁠

You can choose from five new styles and ten new washes which all reduce waste throughout the denim process by using 60% less water than the global standard and reusable stones for design treatment. Their entire denim range also uses natural-based fibres for stretch, movement and comfort! Try them for yourself in their Milford Shopping Centre Store!

~ Marlow ~

Marlow are all about sustainability! Across their business they have implemented processes which have minimal impact on the environment and always keep a sustainable future in mind. 

Marlow believe all of their clothing should be classic, timeless and designed to be an “anchor in your wardrobe” meaning they are made to last many seasons. All garments are made from sustainable fabric and manufactured in carefully selected factories which are equally committed to leaving a lighter footprint on our planet.

Marlow packaging has also been taken into consideration, opting for biodegradable bags to deliver garments from factory to store, gift wrapping in custom eco-friendly tissue paper and compostable courier satchels! Also when you purchase any Marlow clothing it will be packed in either a reusable calico bag or a compostable poly bag designed to reduce waste and minimise the impact on the environment, which you can send back to Marlow and they will send it back to their factories to reuse!

~ Blue Illusion ~

Blue illusion are committed to making beneficial changes in people’s lives by supporting charities and causes that improve happiness, health and well-being of communities across the world!

Due to the help of their Blue Illusion community they have been able to create meaningful ways to foster positive social and environmental change.

Each year Blue illusion sets a goal of raising $400,000 in donations through styling workshops and community events, and every year they get closer to achieving this goal, with all money they do raise being given directly to their charity partners. So far, with the help of the community Blue Illusion have held 1083 charity events at their boutiques, raised $5.5 million since 1998 and sponsored 119 World Vision Kids!


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