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Mindful Milford Monday’s

Facts Worth Celebrating!

Each Monday we will be enlightening you with facts worth celebrating about Milford Centre stores.

These facts may be about particular products, services, or processes that stores at Milford Centre provide, with an aim of doing good for people, the planet, or both!

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~ Flo & Frankie ~

Flo and Frankie are passionate about giving back and believe the power of kindness makes a huge difference in the world!

They created their giving revolution “Flo Gives Back” with a mission to empower and support vulnerable women and children globally. Flo and Frankie have sourced and designed numerous products where 15% of the sale price goes to supporting the vulnerable women in need in Nepal!

You can purchase these special products in their Milford store and share the love with your ‘Flo Gives Back’ products by using #TheFloOnEffect

~L’Occitane en Provence~

Reducing waste is at the forefront of L’Occitanes commitments as a company! ⁠

Did you know, when you shop at L’Occitane, you can opt for products made available in eco-refills which use 65-90% less plastic than a regular bottle?! This has already reduced the company’s overall use of plastic by 7% since 2017! So shop mindfully by choosing eco-refills next time you visit L’Occitane Milford.⁠

To extend their goal of reducing waste, by 2025 L’Occitane hope to ensure that 100% of their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and 100% of their stores offer a recycling service!⁠


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