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10 Powerful Benefits of Essential Oils

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For thousands of years, many cultures have used plant oils for a variety of health conditions. Essential oils are extracted from plants to create a highly concentrated oil with a strong aroma. The therapeutic properties are often underestimated – until they are experienced for yourself.

The Dolphin Clinic essential oil range (in stock at Milford Centre Health 2000) can be used alone or in combination with most other treatments. There are oils to support relaxation and sleep, for cuts and grazes, pregnancy, for your mood – the list goes on!

There are many simple ways to benefit from essential oils:

  • Use in a vaporiser or diffuser
  • Inhale them directly from the bottle
  • Use diluted in the bath
  • Use diluted in a massage or body oil.

Try a Dolphin Clinic Ultra-Sonic Diffuser:

  • Simple to use – just add water and two to eight drops of your chosen essential oil(s).
  • Safe – the oils are dispersed into the atmosphere in a fine mist using ultra sonic vibration.
  • Visually appealing and therapeutic – a relaxing fine mist and a lovely light changing option enables you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits in a safe, luxurious way.

10 powerful benefits of essential oils

1. A safe sleep aid

Using Tranquil Sleep blend in a diffuser or vaporiser in the bedroom will quickly become part of your sleep routine. 

2. Support winter ills and chills

Decongestant blend helps clear noses, while the Bronchial Benefit blend helps soothe the respiratory tract.

3. Immunity

Many essential oils boost your body’s immune response when they are inhaled from a diffuser.

4. Antibacterial

Kill those nasty germs in the air and on surfaces around your home while you diffuse oils such as; Decongestant blend, manukaeucalyptus, or lavender.

5. Stress

Essential oils in a diffuser will help you relax and unwind. Try lavenderbergamotpatchouligeranium or Stress Less blend.

6. Deodorise

Use lemongrass in a diffuser to help eliminate an unpleasant smell!

7. Concentration

Use a diffuser in your office to help everyone focus.

8. Romance

The diffuser in a bedroom creates a lovely romantic atmosphere.

9. Soothing sorrows

The Sorrow Soothe blend makes a lovely gift for a friend going through a hard time.

10. Aroma

Let’s not forget, oils will simply create a lovely aroma in your home without artificial fragrance chemicals.

Safety: Please read the precautions if you are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy or have very high blood pressure. Never take essential oils internally and never use them undiluted on your skin – other than lavender, chamomile or manuka. Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Dolphin Clinic, Tauranga.


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