Throughout the month of November, Milford Centre’s Personal Stylist – Trudi, from Wardrobe Flair – met with Milford Centre customers for free 20-minute styling consults. The event was sold out and Trudi received rave reviews.

Trudi would like to share the most common questions and themes she discussed with Milford Centre customers during November. Read Trudi’s thoughts below.

Who is styling for?

I met with people in ages ranging from late 20s to late 70s, both females and males. One male in particular said he found our chat super helpful.

Commonly, these people were needing help with their changing bodies, having lost confidence in shopping. They were worried about spending and it being ‘wrong’.

The dreaded tummy!

This was the most common body part people wanted help with dressing. I was able to advise lots of lovely ladies to not try and hide this body part with bigger sizes or extra fabric as often this makes the whole upper body appear larger.

It is more about focusing on side shape and gentle flow that isn’t bulky over the tum. Plus pattern and flat knots are a welcome distraction.

Biggest issues in the wardrobe? 

We are all aiming to have a wardrobe where we wear every single item we own and feel great while wearing it!

The most popular topics were getting the most out of the clothing you already own, outfit co-ordination and help clearing out the wardrobe. These are all super important issues to consider.

People want clarity on why they are enjoying wearing certain items in their wardrobe, including what features of that outfit make it a success so that they can make more informed shopping decisions.

I aim to help people maximise their existing clothing by showing them how to style and pair items differently. I also help customers identify the gaps in their wardrobe to instill confidence when shopping.

One way to do both is to gain an understanding of your colours and your shape. This means you not only look amazing each day but your clothes all go-together so mixing & matching is WAY easier and you’re clear on what you need to be looking for when shopping. 

Common shopping problems

Being stuck in a shopping rut means you often don’t try new stores as you have a preconception they are too young, not your style, or don’t have anything for you.

Understanding your colours and shape and having more clarity on what you actually need means you can break those barriers down and shop anywhere.

Plus it’s GREAT to try new styles that are modern but age-appropriate. 

What is casual dressy styling?

Casual dressy is a phrase that is thrown around a lot these days and seems to be what everyone is trying to achieve.

Casual dressy is combining typical clothing that fit into each of these two categories together. For instance, denim & sneakers fit into the casual bracket but teamed with a more formal option like a blazer, dress or nicer skirt creates a casual dressy style combo. 

How to get started with personal styling

I really enjoyed all the people I met & chatted to.

I gave advice to various people on trying new stores or pieces of clothing we identified they needed this season I’m happy to say I had lots of feedback that people had headed off and either found a great piece or went into stores they hadn’t normally tried, and found great items! Success!

My job has always been about getting people to explore new options, broaden their styling repertoire & be able to make shopping easier, so I’m super happy! 

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like me to help with any of your styling & shopping needs. We can explore all the great stores that Milford Centre has to offer together. 

Call or email me below and we can discuss options that might suit you.

Don’t let price put you off, as my regular client Anne says, investing in a session with me costs less than buying clothes you never wear.

M: 021 236 4738



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