Alert Level 3 Opening Information

Milford Shopping Centre’s operations have changed following the commencement of Alert Level 3. Some non-essential stores will be offering contactless collection, while our essential stores remain open for business.

Non-Essential Services: Contactless Collection

Some stores at Milford Shopping Centre will be open for contactless collection. Customers can approach the doors of non-essential stores to pick up/pay for their purchases, but cannot physically enter the premises.

Each store will have different processes and rules for their contactless service, while some stores will have different opening hours for Alert Level 3. Please ensure you contact each store to find out more before planning your visit to Milford Shopping Centre.

Please note that some stores have chosen not to open during Alert Level 3.

Find stores’ contact details via our store directory.

Stores Offering Contactless Services:

All stores on this list have confirmed they are offering a contactless service, but this list is not comprehensive. If your favourite store is not on this list, contact them and see if they’re offering contactless.

Essential Services

Essential services are open to the public, with social distancing restrictions. Our essential services are:

Click on each store name to see their contact details.

Please ensure you call or check individual store websites for amended opening hours and processes during Alert Level 3, before planning your visit to Milford Centre.

How Milford Centre are prioritising your safety

During Alert Level 3, we’re doing everything we can to keep you safe while visiting Milford Shopping Centre.

Anti-Microbial Surface Treatment

All surfaces have been treated with the Novālent bonding antmicrobial surface treatment to prevent surface transmission of COVID-19. This treatment is applied monthly.

The Novālent bonding antimicrobial surface treatment inhibits the growth of pathogens and biofilms. It covalently bonds with almost any surface and lasts up to 90 days.

The Novālent bonding antimicrobial turns any surface into a no-go area where microbes
can’t survive or replicate.

By safely suppressing bacterial growth week after week through daily activity and cleanings, Novālent bonding antimicrobial reduces the risk of contamination.

Regular Cleaning

We have full-time cleaners focussing on common areas and deep sanitisation.

The Zoono treatment will not wash off during our routine cleaning.

Hand Sanitiser

We’ve made hand sanitiser available at all entries to Milford Centre.

Social Distancing

Seating areas and bathrooms have been closed to ensure social distancing.


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