Recycled Cashmere at Max

With a focus on relationships with people and planet and aware that fashion plays a big part in what ends up in landfill, Max has been working on a new range of knitwear that reuses textiles that would otherwise end up landfill.

This year Max has replaced its 100% cashmere with a beautiful and sustainable, recycled cashmere blend repurposing existing fibres.

Previous 100% cashmere collections didn’t have the level of transparency required into the animal’s wellbeing and the yarn supply chain – something Max is extremely passionate about.

With an improved pilling rate and a super soft feel, the new recycled cashmere pieces are made using 70% wool and 30% recycled cashmere, keeping you warm without feeling like a heavy knit. It’s the best of both worlds.

Available in store at Milford Centre now.

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