New Look Milford Centre

We are EXTREMELY excited to announce that Stage One of the Milford Centre refurbishment is complete!

Milford Centre is now bright, fresh and modern.

We have beautiful new flooring, lighting, paintwork, seating, and a gorgeous “green wall” plant feature.

We are stoked to welcome Sportscraft and Sportscraft Man to our Centre, with an outstandingly aesthetic store.

Flo & Frankie has moved into their beautiful, enormous new store and the Christmas Heirloom Company has opened the doors of their pop-up store.

See below for more photos of Milford’s new look.

This is only the beginning…

We’re gearing up to bring you even more exciting upgrades in the near future.

Within the next few months, we’ll be getting more seating and a stunning moss installation on the ceiling above the Coffee Club.

In early 2020, we will launch Stage Two of the Milford Centre refurbishment, which will focus on new public amenities.

Our store offering has never been stronger and we eagerly anticipate the arrival of new tenants in the next 6-12 months.

These will be premium stores which will solidify our position as the shopping centre of choice on the North Shore.

We warmly invite shoppers to come and enjoy the new look and feel of our Centre – keep an eye out for our big prize giveaway during the month of October, and our celebration event on October 19th!



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